Homemade Limoncello And A Shout Out From Joanne Weir!

We had good friends over for dinner last night and I usually like to end the meal with Limoncello, especially if I’ve indulged a bit.  The reason for that is that Limoncello is considered a digestif  as well as an aperitif – the idea is that it aids in digestion.  We had the most amazing organic pizza, so yeah, I indulged!  As I was serving the Limoncello I saw that we’re down to  our last 1/2 bottle and I realized it’s time to make more.  Well, lucky for me my sister Melissa/Foodie for Two, just posted on this very topic – check it out here! I love her specialty bottle and the handmade tags…..why didn’t I think of that!


The recipe she uses is from Joanne Weir and has been in our family for  years.  The really cool part is Joanne herself read Melissa’s post and liked it enough to comment on it – Whoo Hoo Melissa!


As fate would have it, Joanne loves wine as much as she loves food.  I found a post on her blog titled “how my love affair began“……See there is a Love Affair tie in.  In her post Joanne tells a wonderful story of how she came to experience French wine in the most unusual way.  My jaw dropped as I read the wine list; lucky lady!  She also offers Culinary Journeys where you get to experience hands on cooking classes, day trips and  local accommodations with her.  Hubs and I are planning a trip to Italy next year and the Tuscany region is one of our destinations – this could be a perfect match!

So be sure to visit Melissa’s blog for the Limoncello recipe and while you’re there check out the Julia Child Remixed video in celebration of what would be her 100th Birthday.

Here’s what I have waiting for me!

Before I go, I have to share something silly with you…I don’t eat at Jack in the Box, but Hubs is watching a football game as I am writing – this came on almost every time there was a commercial!  Here’s to Swavory and NoNookie…..

Cheers to you……..Cheryl