If You See Kay you might find her at the Thrift Shop

When feeling persnickety, I look to those who flaunt convention And do it well.  It makes me feel better about my current emotional state.  Enter Macklemore….


Until recently I had no idea who Macklemore (a.k.a Ben Haggerty) was until this song Thrift Shop came across the air waves.  I loved it at first listen and then really appreciated it after viewing it on You Tube.  The other day my sister Melissa and I were chatting and she asked if I’d heard the song Thrift Shop.  More excited chatter ensued, one thing led to another and here I am posting about it.

So without further ado here is Thrift Shop…..The more I watch it the funnier it becomes!

Now the wine…..during my chatter with Melissa she suggested pairing the music of Thrift Shop with the beautiful yet funky Italian Cabernet if you see kay.

Let me introduce kay


who is kay you ask???

kay is a creature;

she is an embodiment of a lifestyle,

a genre,

a feeling in your gut.

kay is a force of nature,

a wanderer.

She represents the philosophy of “Wide Open Throttle or don’t bother doing it at all”.

She’s not trying to be, she just is

kay is elusive; she can be coming from anywhere, around any corner, the world.

I could call kay my alter ego, similar to Rose in the comic strip “Rose is Rose”….


But what it really is, is an Italian Cab with a bit of Petit Verdot and Primotivo (Zinfandel) whose grapes hail from Lazio, Italy with the wine being made in Napa.  I first saw this at my favorite wino hangout/wine bar/grocery store and thought – what is this novelty wine stuff?!  I truly turned my nose at it and dismissed it from my radar.  While searching for a wine to enjoy with turkey dinner at Christmas I found this recommendation on Antonoli’s wine blog Talkavino.  He had it with his turkey dinner and mentions that if you see kay is Perfect.  I tend to agree…in fact I could kick myself for not purchasing more during the 30% off wine sale!

Made by industry bad boy Jayson Woodbridge of Hundred Acres, Layer Cake, and Cherry Pie fame, this wine follows his bad boy image.  Possibly, this is where the idea for the  biker chick kay image came from…


When I taste this beauty I get deep blueberry fruit, then dark berries/cherries with a bit of cocoa and spice.  It’s nicely balanced with smooth tannins.  I’ve enjoyed this with appetizers such as nuts and olives along with cheese and crackers.  It also pairs well with most protein dishes including grain based proteins (Quinoa!!).  I loved it and found it enjoyable with or without food, and yes we polished off the bottle in no time!

So, to summarize from  the wine’s website:

“this wine kicks ass”. Period end of story – NO PRISONERS THANK YOU.

Melissa is coming out for a visit at the end of the month and we will definitely be drinking wine, and of course if you see kay is on our list of to-do’s along with a Macklemore Thrift Shop dance party.

If you are in the Phoenix area looking for dining options be sure to check out my recently updated Phoenix Eats page.  Lot’s of great places to nosh!

Until next time, cheers!