Music Mondays ~ Puscifer

It’s Music Monday and today we are hanging out with this guy….

Maynard via

For those that don’t know who this is – meet Maynard James Keenan (from the bands Tool, A Perfect Circle and more recently Puscifer).  I’m sure he won’t mind if you call him Maynard, as do his many fans.

Puscifer, is a side project of Maynard’s of which he is the only permanent member and considers the project to be his creative subconscious.  When you enter the website this is what greets you:

Welcome to my Island of misfit Ideas. The space where my Id, Ego, and Anima all come together to exchange cookie recipes.

and you might also see something like this:

I first heard of Puscifer and Maynard when I was introduced to the wines of Arizona Stronghold Vineyards. ASV is a collaberation between Maynard and Eric Glomski of Page Spring Cellars.  Maynard also has his own label using grapes from his vineyards called Caduceus Cellars in the old mining town of Jerome, Arizona.

The Music

I’m all about promoting this very dry and mostly beautiful desert I wither live in so here’s one of my Puscifer favorites called Mama Sed… for the bottle crashing to the ground at 2:10 – pretty cool!  Yes, we do have a lot of Saguaros in Arizona, and those are barrel cactus not Peyote you see on the ground sprouting flowers….

Maynard is somewhat of a cult figure with his fans, many of them having followed him since the inception of Tool.  I can’t say I get into his earlier music as it’s a bit hardcore for me but I do find his newer creations to be more mainstream and I love the thought provoking content.  The music and videos of Puscifer cause me to reflect on the definition of creativity and how it relates to music and my perception of the world.

So to give you something a bit different to ponder, here is Man Overboard.   It reminds me a bit of Mad Max meets Stardust.  If you’ve seen the movie, Robert DeNiro plays the sky pirate flying the boat that is fueled by lightning.

Finally, here is Maynard talking about how music can help you move through issues and events in your life and how growing wine has grounded him.  See there’s the connection; he makes music, he grows grapes, he makes wine, I like him…..

I’m also adding The Humbling River, which is the song you hear in the background of the above video.  I love the lilting sound of his voice when he sings:

Nature nurture heaven and home
Sum of all and by them driven
To conquer every mountain shown
But I’ve never crossed the river

This is what’s in our glass today

2009 Arizona Stronghold Site Archive Grenache Pick 3 – lots of berry, white pepper and even strawberry – yumm!  When I hear Grenache I usually think lightweight but this is medium bodied with a smooth finish.  Too bad we were allocated to one per person otherwise, we would have a case of it.  The Site Archives are the higher quality wines from the Wilcox vineyard and are only available online or in the tasting room.  2009 is sold out so we are eagerly awaiting the 2010 release.

So, if you make it to Arizona, be sure to visit the funky towns of Jerome and Old Town Cottonwood for some wine tasting.  But don’t come in the middle of the summer….Yes, it’s a dry heat but still, it’s hot as hell!!

Enough already…..crank that music up, drink some good wine!

Until next time, Cheers to you!

Music Monday with Muse ~ Supermassive Black Hole and a bit of Linkin Park

It’s Monday and time again for Music Monday’s.  Today is really kicking my butt, so I searched for a song that could convey what I feel pent-up inside of me….

Yes,  I am a Twilight fan…..I have no shame in saying that.  I’ve read the entire series and watched the 1st three movies.  Ok, who wouldn’t want a boyfriend that sparkles like diamonds when the sun is cast upon him, AND has super un-human powers to carry you on his back while racing up a mountain and then jump from tree top to tree top?  It could be a bit more exciting than zip-lining don’t you think?

I happen to be fascinated by space and the concept of a black hole, which leads me to the concept of Forever.  Once you’ve been converted to Vampire you live FOREVER….just think of all you could accomplish in that amount of time.  I think I could go around and around with that one….

I do think this song fits perfectly into the above baseball scene.  As for Muse, they know how to speak to me via bass guitar and drums.

To back up just a bit, Saturday, I worked at my favorite Fry’s Signature Store and afterwards indulged in a glass of Pinot Noir called Cherry Pie.  With a big hit of dark Bing cherries this complex Pinot opens up with some time in the glass and is definitely enhanced by food.

Courtesy of

For Father’s Day I got Hubby a rotisserie attachment for his new grill.  We decided to use it yesterday to cook our first whole bird on the grill.  I purchased an all natural hormone free chicken and I’m telling you – it does make a difference!  It was juicy and so full of flavor I can’t believe we waited so long to try this.

But, I’ve got ahead of myself.  As an appetizer we had Peach, Prosciutto & Ricotta Crostini.  Ah-Maz-Ing!!  After trying many brands of prosciutto we’ve found Boars Head or San Daniele to be the best.

Courtesy of

After dinner, was a dessert of  Grilled Fresh Figs with Ice Cream and Honey.

Courtesy of

I used organic Black Mission figs from Whole Foods, fresh thyme and mint from our herb garden and Talenti Vanilla Bean Gelato.  You have to try this!!!  In Arizona we have a small window of fresh figs (about 6 weeks) so I like to try as many of these recipes as I can.

In case you thought this post was about food and not music as I originally started out with, here is another favorite song of mine by Linkin Park with lots of drums, guitar and screaming angst called Bleed It Out….Crank.Those.Speakers.Up!!!

So,what did you do this past weekend ?  Did you try any new foods or wine?

Until next time, Cheers to you…..Cheryl

Thank you Missy….

Don’t Stop Lovin Me

We just returned from a fabulous Father’s Day weekend and this is what met us…


Even though summer doesn’t officially start until June 20 this year, it has full on arrived where I live… in fact it was 102 degrees at 9 a.m. this morning.  Tell me again why I live here?

The upside is, our fabulous weekend yielded an amazing monsoon storm…

Tucson Monsoon

along with some great mexican food and the opportunity to meet our Nephew’s fiancé Jodi…

Eric and Jodi

So, in the spirit of distraction, and the fact that it’s Monday, it’s time again for Music That Moves Me.  Since there was so much I loved about this weekend I find this song Don’t Stop Lovin Me a perfect fit. It is performed by a duo called Pomplamoose.  I had never heard of them until another one of my favorite bloggers, Michael, at Inspired By Charm posted this on his Facebook page.

If you like this song, you can download it for free until July 1st….so what are you waiting for?

Pomplamoose is a California indie duo centered around musicians Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn.  According to Wikipedia the name of the band is derived from the French word pamplemousse meaning grapefruit.  Pomplamoose is an English-spelling approximation of the French pronunciation. What I like about them is that they make music because they want to And they are having fun.  I’m all for having fun, in fact when any opportunity presents itself to me, the first question I ask myself is “Will this be fun??”.  Here is another song by them that I thought was funny….

Not to be forgotten is the wine tie in.  While in Tucson for our Father’s Day Fun  we enjoyed the 2009 Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet.

At just under $25 this wine is a great deal.  The first sip had us saying, “This is delicious, buy more!!”  The wine experts say this Sonoma Valley Cab should be making Napa Valley a bit nervous.  It’s luscious and balanced, with a smooth and soft mouthfeel but enough tannins to grab your attention. The finish is fruit filled and dry with just a touch of unsweetened chocolate.

That about sums up what we thought….Cheers to you!


Drive By

I posted Music That Moves Me on my other “Lady Blog” but I think it’s more appropriate here so I will be moving it over.

This week’s song is a little ditty that has me bouncing around the living room every time it comes on…..thank God no can see me!  But for those who CAN see me as I’m driving down the road, I’m in my happy place, don’t bother me.   So, since I can’t get this song out of my head, I’m sharing it with you – don’t cha love that!

This is not a drive by

Just a shy guy looking for a two ply

Hefty bag to hold my love

Ok, he had me at Just a shy guy,  Then he proclaims looking for a two ply Hefty bag, to hold my love, 

A Hefty bag, that’s a whole lot of love….

As we get into the video we see he has commitment issues.  Note to guys – don’t leave in the middle of the night – it pisses us off, so much so, that it’s likely we won’t talk to you again – EVER.  I don’t care how many muscle cars you drive up with, I would not melt like that chick in the video.  But….this is fantasy video land and they sing a catchy tune in fact, I think I hear Hallmark Channel calling!

I do have to say, I love the scenes driving through the streets of San Fran and the al fresco wine dinner at the vineyard….the grape stomping brings back memories of Hubby stomping grapes in Southern Az but that’s another story for another post.

This video, in a sentence, is sweet but cheesy.

Now comes the education part…..what I learned was, this was filmed at Shafer Vineyards in the Stags Leap District of Napa Valley (I WANT TO LIVE THERE!).   Shafer, started out as grape growers and evolved into vintners and are now known for their award-winning wines.

We were gifted with a bottle of 2008 Shafer Relentless a couple of years ago and pulled it out when we had good friends over for dinner one night.  This Syrah/Petite Sirah blend had a deep inky color and lots of berry/black plum characteristics.  I found the fruit to be a bit harsh and the tannins not as soft as I would like so, definitely a food wine such as short ribs or beef.  Everyone else loved it, I however, like more fruit on the finish with the impression of sweet so I gave mine to Hubby.  There was plenty of good juice to go around that night so not to worry, I got my fill!  Would I visit this vineyard? Heck ya!!  It’s in God’s country and they do make amazing wines!

I did discover another blogger – Vinecdote who has done several posts on Train, including one on the video at the Shafer Vineyard.  From her, I discovered Train has released a 2009 Drops of Jupiter Petite Sirah and a 2010 Calling All Angels Chardonnay. I haven’t tried either of these wines but look for the Drops Of Jupiter label in the bedroom scene at 1:29 in the video.

So, because I like to know how things really happen, here’s a behind the scenes on what it took to make this video….

Just in case there is any question – I am over 21…





And don’t forget behind every great man is a really great woman!