Happy Father’s Day to Dad’s Everywhere!

I fully intended to have a much different post than this one but I’m gonna go with the flow here.

We are staying at a resort in Tucson, Arizona called the Westward Look.  I’ve know of it since attending school here in the late 70’s, however, it was originally a hacienda-style family home-built in 1912.  It boast views of the Sonoran Desert to the South and almost backs up to the Santa Catalina Mountains to the North.  Breathtaking……

11 years later we are back for a Fathers Day weekend that my husband has planned since last year.  He is golfing with his father, brother and nephews and  I, in search of coffee, stumbled upon the most enchanting grounds I can ever remember.  So I am sharing with you the overwhelming Love and Beauty I see around me….

The resort itself enchanting…..more details in another post.  For now, I give you pictures of this beautiful resort in the area I grew up in.

 **Note: I used Camera+ for the filters on the photos, but it only enhances their beauty and in no way makes them any less real.

Tucson June Monsoon

Humming Bird Garden

Quail running from me

View of the Santa Catalina mountains

My Guy……

My heart is so full of love for all the Dads/men in my life I feel like it will burst!

Hubby’s Bloody Mary at brunch

Happy Fathers Day….


Saturday Fun Day

What was supposed to be a Silver Oak day turned into so much more.

We headed from Calistoga to meet the most wonderful bestie ever, Margaret, at Dean & DeLuca  in St. Helena.  If you haven’t been to  D & D I can only compare it to Oakville Grocery meets Sur La Table meets your local wine store meets the Whole Foods produce department – ON STERIODS.  Margaret isn’t there yet so I decide no harm done I will look around D & D.  I step through the doors and hear heavenly music from above, my vision gets misty and I act like a child hopped up on sugar.  “Oh Honey look at this, and look at this, and look at this…..HONEEEEY!!!!  He is not listening….. In fact he’s not even within shouting distance; we’ve been down this road before, so he knows how this goes.  Until I get my frantic rushing and oohing and ahhing out of the way he steers clear.  After  bouncing my way around the store I end up at the deli counter contemplating a sandwich (for later of course-it’s only 10 am!).   My Hubby is testing the waters and making his way toward me as he can see I’ve calmed down. I no longer see visions of large bags crammed full of wonderful items I will never use and forget about, so he knows it’s safe.  Funny thing is, he has plenty of things to show me!  We leave the store with 2 whoopie pies (a childhood favorite of mine), an ice pack (for the woopie pies) and a bottle of water.

The Room
Margaret still hasn’t arrived so we wander next door and discover the Flora Springs tasting room called “The Room”.  Beautifully appointed with concrete, glass and lots of cool light fixtures we belly up to the tasting bar.  It’s too early for reds (it’s only 10:30) so we decide to do a white wine tasting flight. I’m halfway through the tasting and have found a chard I like, when I hear from behind me OH, MY, GOD!  It’s Hubby and I think something bad has happened because he rarely talks like that.  I turn around to discover him holding a piece of red luggage.  What????? is all I can think – luggage?  It’s not just red luggage, it’s a Wine Check.   Wine Check is a wine shipper inside a padded case – with wheels!  Since shipping our favorite wines home is always costly, this allowed us to bring home a 12 pack case by air, via our checked bag and since we flew Southwest, bags are free, so we scored free shipping.

Flora Springs Winery
Founded in 1978 on a once abandoned “ghost” winery, Flora Springs  is so named for Flora Komes the founder, as well as the natural springs that run through the winery property.  They participate in organic and sustainable farming and have added solar panels to cover the energy needs of their red wine production at the historic stone winery.  Flora herself, is turning 100 this month and her family is counting down the celebration with a series of videos that capture her life, the story of the winery and her love for her husband Jerry.


The Wine
Not to be forgotten, my favorite white tasted at The Room, was the 2009 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay.  This beautiful Chardonnay has pear and peach on the palette with a nice balance of acidity and minerality.  While only 21% of the blend undergoes malolactic fermentation it still exhibits a bit of richness and complexity with a dry finish and notes of pineapple.  YUM!

There is more wine fun on the way so stay tuned…….

Until next time, Cheers to you!