For the love of iPhone!

I love my iPhone!  You could even call me an Apple fanatic, but for cryin’ out loud, Give Me A Break!

Not Literally!

This is what happened last Thursday when my sweet baby kissed the tile floor.


I tried to talk myself into using it like that until my contract was up NEXT MAY, but are you kidding me??  I couldn’t read text messages, couldn’t see my pictures and frankly it looks a bit white trash.  So, off I went to the Apple Store to accept my punishment.  I thought I would have to buy a new phone but, as it turns out it you can buy a replacement phone for less than a new one.  But, what happened next hardly ever happens (or so I’m told).  Somehow my last backup in the Cloud was corrupted in the download to the new phone.

I won’t bore you with all the mundane details but today – 7 days and 2 new phones later – I am now complete…..

I have to say Kudos to the all the smart, techno savy Apple employees who helped me through this entire ordeal.  During my 4 visits to the Apple store and 3 phone calls to technical support, they exhibited superior customer service skills.  In fact, I think they should get a medal for dealing with a slightly hysterical me!!

I did have some help getting through all of this, so let me introduce you to some of my friends…

Mionetto Proseco Brut D.O.C.

The Mionetto Proseco Brut D.O.C. is a delicious sparkling from Northern Italy.  My first sip exhibited small bubbles that danced across my tongue.  The bubbles are produced using the Charmat method which uses stainless steel tanks and yeast to produce a natural secondary fermentation. It has a nice light almond, hazelnut taste on the palate.  Most of the reviews read Golden Apple and  the tech sheet reads Very Dry but I did not find this to be the case at all.  In fact, I found it light in body and well-balanced. We enjoyed ours with appetizers  but it would also work well in a Bellini or with dessert.  Since I like discovering the details behind whatever it is I’m enjoying, here’s a link on Proseco.

Next up, 2010 Sojourn Gaps Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir.  They have been making  boutique artisan Pinot Noir since 2004 and this single vineyard Pinot since 2007.  The fruit is from Sonoma Coast and is grown in rocky soil which imparts a bit of minerality but that just lends to the fabulousness of this wine.  It is deep in color and the blueberry aroma is intoxicating.  On first sip, I got the impression of a big Pinot.  The dark Bing cherry fruit followed with some spice and then led to a long lingering finish that just wowed me!  This is a complex Pinot that had me begging for more. …. it reminded me of Meiomi Pinot Noir,  but on steroids.  The winemaker suggest paring this with prime rib however, we had this with a vegetarian dish that was tossed in a walnut/mustard vinaigrette and it was wonderful!

Here’s a video from the winemaker describing this fabulous juice.  I love how he calls this a Pinot Noir for Cab lovers…..That’s me!

Yeah baby, this is a sexy Pinot…..

Finally, we have a 2007 Maldonado Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley.  I love the story on this one…Lupe Maldonado moved from a small town in Mexico to work the vineyards in California.  He spent over 30 years at Newton as the vineyard manager and now he and his son Hugo, a who has a degree in Viticulture and Enology from UC Davis, have partnered on their own 10 acre project.  Lupe lives in the midst of the vines they planted and is still involved  farming and overseeing the project.  I understand there is a secret garden on the property across the creek that marks the vineyard border…..

This limited production Cab comes from a property on Spring Mountain. We decanted it for several hours and the beauty of it did not disappoint.  It is full-bodied with well-rounded tannins.  The red currant, cedar and dark cherry came across on the tongue beautifully with a touch of minerality.  We enjoyed this with grilled steak, sautéed mushrooms and grilled veggies.  Loved It!  I would chill this slightly, maybe 10 minutes, before decanting or serving to enhance the overall experience.  That tidbit came from 2 different wine experts so I think it’s worth heeding.

So, the  take away from this post would be:

If you really want to protect your iPhone, get an Otter Box


Alway drink good wine!

Until next time, Cheers to you!

4 thoughts on “For the love of iPhone!

  1. Mom, I know you are quite handy with a glue gun. I am sure there is a way to get some rhinestones and hot glue them to an otter box to bling it out…….I have seen your handy work 🙂 Great post…..sorry about your phone. 😦

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