Don’t Stop Lovin Me

We just returned from a fabulous Father’s Day weekend and this is what met us…


Even though summer doesn’t officially start until June 20 this year, it has full on arrived where I live… in fact it was 102 degrees at 9 a.m. this morning.  Tell me again why I live here?

The upside is, our fabulous weekend yielded an amazing monsoon storm…

Tucson Monsoon

along with some great mexican food and the opportunity to meet our Nephew’s fiancé Jodi…

Eric and Jodi

So, in the spirit of distraction, and the fact that it’s Monday, it’s time again for Music That Moves Me.  Since there was so much I loved about this weekend I find this song Don’t Stop Lovin Me a perfect fit. It is performed by a duo called Pomplamoose.  I had never heard of them until another one of my favorite bloggers, Michael, at Inspired By Charm posted this on his Facebook page.

If you like this song, you can download it for free until July 1st….so what are you waiting for?

Pomplamoose is a California indie duo centered around musicians Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn.  According to Wikipedia the name of the band is derived from the French word pamplemousse meaning grapefruit.  Pomplamoose is an English-spelling approximation of the French pronunciation. What I like about them is that they make music because they want to And they are having fun.  I’m all for having fun, in fact when any opportunity presents itself to me, the first question I ask myself is “Will this be fun??”.  Here is another song by them that I thought was funny….

Not to be forgotten is the wine tie in.  While in Tucson for our Father’s Day Fun  we enjoyed the 2009 Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet.

At just under $25 this wine is a great deal.  The first sip had us saying, “This is delicious, buy more!!”  The wine experts say this Sonoma Valley Cab should be making Napa Valley a bit nervous.  It’s luscious and balanced, with a smooth and soft mouthfeel but enough tannins to grab your attention. The finish is fruit filled and dry with just a touch of unsweetened chocolate.

That about sums up what we thought….Cheers to you!



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